Relaxing within Barberitos,
taking pleasure in a good glaciers chilly Tecate along with lime scale,
philosophical queries found thoughts.
Which age range aged conundrum vexed me personally therefore.
When the originator hadn’t designed
with regard to people to consume pussy,
after that the reason why had been this produced
to appear just like a taco?
We consumed an additional Tecate
as well as consumed an additional lime scale,
then the Margarita,
really it had been a lot more like 4.
My personal solution had been in order to discover
my personal ideas within an ode.

These types of phrases We create for you,
the actual actually appealing Red Taco.
You’re the actual tequila associated with my personal sex drive
covered inside your succulent podgy tortilla,
you’re the actual salsa associated with my personal adore.
Your own enthusiasm fiesta tempts me personally
along with warm wish.
Just like a tantalizing adore tamale
a person tease my personal carnal urges.
Close to a person We can’t believe.
You’re the actual mescal associated with my personal thoughts.
My personal mind becomes in order to guacamole
as well as ideas are just lusts.
We just wish to flavor a person
as well as perform the actual horizontally tango.
We can’t reside without having a person,
I have to flavor a few Red Taco.

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